Papa Johns App Store

Papa Johns App Store :-Indulge in Papa John’s extensive selection of appetizers, pizzas, and desserts, catering to various dietary preferences, including vegetarian and vegan options. Explore the menu or visit one of over 83 Papa John’s locations in Spain to savor your ideal meal. Haven’t sampled Papa John’s pizzas yet? Take advantage of N26’s exclusive offer, providing discounts of up to 20% off for all customers in Spain. Keep reading to uncover more details.

Papa Johns App Store How to take advantage of this special offer

Feeling those hunger pangs yet? Here’s how to satiate your cravings and make the most of this enticing offer:

  1. Open your N26 app and head to the Explore tab.
  2. Navigate to the Exclusive offers section and search for “Papa John’s”. Click on the logo to be directed to the Papa John’s website, where your promo code will be automatically copied.
  3. Place your order for delivery or pick-up, paste the promo code at checkout, then hit Redeem. It’s as simple as that!

But don’t delay—this offer is valid only until December 31, 2022. So, seize the opportunity while you can and savor every delicious bite!

Please note: This promo code is provided exclusively for this promotion and is valid from February 18, 2022, through December 31, 2022, or until 1,000 vouchers are redeemed—whichever occurs first. The code entitles you to enjoy 10% off orders of €15 or more if you’re a Standard N26 customer, or 20% off orders of €15 or more if you’re a premium N26 member. The discount is applied to the total order value and excludes half-and-half pizzas or create-your-own pizzas.

Papa Johns App Store

Papa Johns App Store Visibility from the store to your door

Whether it’s a cozy date night or an action-packed football Sunday, your expectations for pizza are high. You demand convenience in ordering, delectable taste, and prompt delivery.

Meeting these personal standards becomes a Herculean task when multiplied over millions of orders, each requiring meticulous attention to pizza-making. Papa John’s faced this challenge head-on, leveraging the power of Splunk to revolutionize store operations.

Now, Splunk Cloud Platform and Splunk Infrastructure Monitoring serve as the backbone for Papa John’s store operations. Bill Kirby, senior reliability engineer for Papa John’s, attests to the platform’s impact: “With the Splunk platform, instead of just knowing when there’s a problem because the store contacted the help desk, we see problems before the store even knows so we can fix them before customers are affected.”

With comprehensive visibility into over 3,200 locations across North America, Papa John’s ensures seamless operations and unparalleled customer satisfaction. Thanks to Splunk, they can detect and resolve issues proactively, guaranteeing that every pizza arrives hot and delicious, right on time.

Client Requirements

The president of a New York-based Papa John’s franchise group sought to streamline food deliveries across multiple restaurants in the bustling city. Desiring a more efficient system, he envisioned an app equipped with features to track drivers via GPS and enhance overall productivity.

In pursuit of this goal, he scoured the web for the finest mobile app development company capable of delivering an Uber-like solution. His search led him to Hyperlink InfoSystem, where he found the expertise he sought. Upon reaching out to us with his requirements, we embarked on the journey to create a superior application tailored to his needs. The result? A cutting-edge solution that not only simplifies food deliveries but also enables delivery personnel to earn additional income effortlessly.

Pizzas to suit everyone’s taste

For over three decades, Papa John’s has been perfecting the art of pizza-making, evident in every bite. Our commitment to quality shines through in our meticulously selected ingredients—original dough crafted from high-protein wheat flour, low-fat mozzarella derived from the finest skim milk, and tomato sauce simmered with freshly picked, naturally ripened tomatoes.

And now, N26 Standard account holders can savor the Papa John’s experience with a tempting offer. Enjoy a delightful 10% discount on orders of €15 or more. But wait, there’s more! N26 Smart, You, or Metal account holders are in for a treat with a generous 20% off their next order of €15 or more.

Indulge in quality ingredients, exquisite flavors, and irresistible savings—all with Papa John’s and N26.

Papa Johns App Store

Papa Johns and Splunk Power Pizza’s Busiest Time of the Year

SAN FRANCISCO – February 14, 2022 – Splunk Inc. (NASDAQ: SPLK), the leading data platform provider for security and observability, has announced that Papa John’s International, Inc. (NASDAQ: PZZA) (“Papa Johns”) has expanded its utilization of data to enhance visibility and performance across its vast network of over 3,000 North American stores through the SplunkⓇ Cloud Platform. As one of the world’s largest pizza delivery companies, operating in 50 countries, Papa Johns is collaborating with Splunk to elevate its digital capabilities and utilize real-time insights to meet growing demand, ensure secure transaction processing, empower field operations, and make informed business decisions amidst millions of weekly pizza orders.

Justin Falciola, senior vice president and chief insights and technology officer for Papa Johns, emphasized the importance of data in driving customer-centric operations: “Our priority is delivering the highest quality pizza to our customers, wherever and however they desire. Achieving this requires mastery of data-driven strategies. With nearly all our sales channels digitally enabled, we have become leaders in eCommerce within the restaurant industry. However, our digital journey is ongoing, and we continually seek ways to enhance the customer experience. Operational analytics are essential to ensure the security, performance, and innovation of our systems. Our partnership with Splunk is instrumental in this endeavor.”

Papa Johns’ Information and Digital Solutions team is committed to providing business analytics and cutting-edge technology solutions across all departments. Particularly crucial during high-demand periods like the big game day and Valentine’s Day, the IT team plays a vital role in facilitating seamless operations.

Falciola further elaborated on the challenges of managing complex IT infrastructure: “Despite the joy and simplicity associated with pizza, IT operations can be intricate and challenging, with numerous interconnected systems and vendor platforms. Splunk enables us to oversee our expanding ecosystem effectively, ensuring operational excellence within our environment.”

To drive innovation and enhance customer experiences, Papa Johns transitioned to a fully cloud-based architecture. Leveraging the Splunk Cloud Platform, the IT team gains insights into operational data, enabling rapid assessment of performance metrics and proactive issue resolution.

Papa Johns App Store

Teresa Carlson, president and chief growth officer for Splunk, highlighted the significance of data in driving business success: “In today’s dynamic business landscape, data is not just a component of the business—it is the business. Forward-thinking organizations like Papa Johns understand the critical role of data in meeting and surpassing customer expectations. We are delighted to support Papa Johns as they optimize their digital capabilities to deliver exceptional experiences to their customers and drive innovation in the global restaurant industry.

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