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Odoo App Store :-The Odoo App store serves as a platform for developers to showcase their Odoo Apps, allowing anyone to submit a new module. Yes, you heard it right – anyone can post their Odoo Apps. However, the absence of a quality control mechanism raises concerns about the reliability of the offerings. Unfortunately, no one evaluates the quality of the apps posted, making the Odoo App store a potential breeding ground for issues.

Due to this oversight, it’s advisable to exercise caution when navigating the Odoo App store. While users may perceive app installation and trial akin to the process on mobile devices, the complexity of ERP systems demands a more cautious approach. Despite the allure of free or affordable apps, users should be aware of the potential risks associated with them.

Although not all apps in the Odoo App store are problematic, the lack of oversight underscores the need for caution. Apps developed by the OCA adhere to stringent guidelines, ensuring a higher level of quality and reliability. Ultimately, users should approach the Odoo App store with a discerning eye, understanding the implications of their choices when selecting and implementing apps within their ERP systems.

Performance issues

Determining the suitability of an Odoo app for a specific type of database poses a challenge, as this information is not readily available in the Odoo Apps store. While an app may function well with a smaller database containing, for instance, 1000 products, its performance may deteriorate when confronted with larger datasets, such as 100,000 products. Additionally, apps that interact with inventory changes or accounting journal entries must be evaluated for their scalability as these numbers continue to grow, potentially reaching millions.

Odoo App Store

Furthermore, consideration must be given to scheduled actions that third-party apps may execute. In Odoo, scheduled actions (cron) are allocated a maximum of 15 minutes for execution. While a few scheduled actions pose no issues, an excessive number could lead to performance degradation. It’s crucial to assess whether these scheduled actions are capable of processing the volume of records present in the database, as performance issues may arise in production environments due to inadequate scalability.

How To Publish Odoo App On App Store

Odoo stands as a versatile and robust open-source ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) platform, empowering businesses to streamline operations and integrate various facets of their business seamlessly. A notable strength lies in Odoo’s extensive AppStore, serving as a platform for developers to exhibit and distribute their applications to the global Odoo community. If you’ve crafted a valuable app for Odoo and seek to share it with the world, here’s a comprehensive guide on how to publish your app on the Odoo AppStore.

To initiate the process, adhere to these vendor guidelines:

Step #1 – Push Your App on GitHub:
Kickstart by creating a repository on GitHub and uploading your code into it.

It’s crucial to note that Odoo users can fetch the code from the repository, necessitating the creation of a branch named after the Odoo version.

For instance, if the app is tailored for Odoo 16, the branch name should be 16.0.

Step #2 – Submit Your App:
Access your Odoo account and navigate to the “Submit app” section.

Odoo Apps – To Streamline Your Business Functions 

  1. Swift AMP for Websites:
    Experience lightning-fast page loads with the exclusive AMP-validated Odoo app, Swift AMP for Websites. Seamlessly compatible with Odoo default, this app offers:
  • Mobile Responsiveness: Ensure your website is mobile-responsive, delivering a consistent user experience across all devices, thereby enhancing SEO and engaging mobile users effectively.
  • High Loading Speed and Enhanced SEO: Accelerate mobile page loading times, reducing bounce rates and boosting SEO rankings for improved visibility.
  • Product Variant Display: Showcase all product variants on detail pages, empowering customers to choose their preferred options effortlessly.
  • Display Filters: Enhance product discoverability and browsing experience with filters like Product Categories and Attributes, facilitating smoother navigation.
  • Strikethrough Price: Facilitate quick decision-making by displaying strikethrough prices, highlighting potential savings to customers.

And more, providing your business with a competitive edge.

Odoo App Store
  1. Clever All-In-One Report Template:
    Streamline report creation with the Clever All-In-One Report Template, allowing customization tailored to your business needs. Key features include:
  • Customizable Reports: Choose from 8 pre-designed templates for major reports like Invoices, Quotations, and Delivery Notes, ensuring a professional look for all e-store reports.
  • Watermark: Add custom watermarks, including company logos or expressions, to elevate the professional appearance of your reports.
  • Additional Content: Append supplementary content such as terms and conditions, brochures, or advertisements to your reports, creating comprehensive one-page documents for distribution.
  • Product Image Display: Improve transparency by displaying product images alongside names on reports like invoices and quotations, simplifying product verification.
  • Versatile Footer Options, Font Customization, and Signature: Tailor reports with multiple footer choices, font styles, and the option to include signatures, streamlining document customization.

Experience these features and more for enhanced reporting efficiency.

  1. Advanced Mega Menu:
    Organize brands and products effortlessly with the Advanced Mega Menu, offering multiple menu types for easy navigation. Customize:
  • Mega Menu Appearance: Personalize mega menus with images, background colors or images, and footer sections to suit your branding.
  • Category and Subcategory Fonts: Adjust fonts for categories and subcategories to enhance menu readability.
  • Slider and Multiple Categories: Add sliders and multiple categories/subcategories to mega menus, providing a user-friendly browsing experience.

Simplify website navigation and improve user engagement with Advanced Mega Menu.

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