App Store Payment Not Completed

App Store Payment Not Completed :- Have you encountered an error message while trying to make a purchase on your iPhone or iPad through the App Store app? The message might read, “Your purchase could not be completed. For assistance, contact iTunes Support at,” providing a website link but little insight into the issue.

Confirm whether your Apple purchase went through

If you attempted to purchase a Udemy course through the Apple App Store and can’t locate the course on your My learning page or in the Archived section, follow these steps:

  1. Check for a receipt from the Apple App Store in your email inbox. Make sure to review the email address associated with your Apple App Store account, as it might differ from the one linked to your Udemy account. Also, check your junk mail folders.
  2. Verify if you received an enrollment confirmation email from Udemy for the course. This confirmation email, sent from, will be directed to the email address registered with your Udemy account.
App Store Payment Not Completed

Next steps:

  • If you didn’t receive a confirmation email from Udemy, it could suggest that you purchased the course while logged into Udemy with a different email address or that the purchase wasn’t completed.
  • If there’s a charge on your bank statement from Apple but no receipt, contact Apple Support for assistance.
  • If you received a receipt from Apple but can’t find the course in your account, reach out to Udemy Support, attaching the receipt for further assistance. Our team will review the receipt information to provide assistance.
  • Review steps on how to retrieve your Apple receipt.

Pending Apple purchases:

  • If the course was bought through the iOS app and isn’t visible in your account, check if the transaction status is “Pending.” This indicates that the course hasn’t been delivered yet as Apple’s payment system is processing the transaction. Allow 24 – 48 hours for delivery. If “Pending” status persists beyond this timeframe, forward a screenshot/email of your Apple App Store receipt for assistance.

Incorrect email address for Udemy account:

  • If the purchase appears in your bank records, and you received an Apple receipt but no confirmation email from Udemy, you might have entered your email address incorrectly during Udemy account creation. In such cases, our system would send the confirmation email to the incorrect address.

App Store Payment Not Completed A complete guide on Apple’s Billing Grace Period

App Store Payment Not Completed In the realm of subscription-based services, when a subscriber’s renewal payment fails on an iOS or Android subscription mobile app, they face the consequence of losing access to the subscription benefits. Often, such failures occur due to reasons like payment method declines or insufficient funds, catching subscribers unaware and abruptly impacting their app experience.

Apple’s App Store acknowledges that involuntary churn stemming from payment issues isn’t indicative of customer dissatisfaction. To address this, Apple introduces the Billing Grace Period provision, aimed at preserving user experiences and minimizing subscriber loss due to failed renewals.

App Store Payment Not Completed

Here’s a breakdown of Apple’s Billing Grace Period and how it functions:

What is Apple’s Billing Grace Period?
Billing Grace Period serves as a buffer for subscribers whose auto-renewal fails due to payment issues. During this period, subscribers retain access to the app’s paid content while Apple continues attempts to collect payment. This ensures no interruption to the subscriber’s paid service days or to the app’s revenue if Apple successfully recovers the subscription within the grace period.

How Does Apple’s Billing Grace Period Work?
When a subscription renewal payment fails on an iOS app, it enters the billing retry state. Without a grace period enabled, the subscriber loses access to the app (for paid apps) or gets downgraded to the free version (for free apps) as soon as the subscription enters this state. However, with the grace period enabled, subscribers maintain uninterrupted access to the app or its premium features while Apple retries processing the failed payment.

Why Enable Apple’s Billing Grace Period?
Enabling the grace period ensures subscribers don’t experience service interruptions due to billing issues, safeguarding their app experience and reducing involuntary churn. With uninterrupted access during payment retries, subscribers remain engaged with the app, preserving revenue streams for developers.

In summary, Apple’s Billing Grace Period provides a vital mechanism to mitigate subscriber loss and maintain a positive user experience in the face of subscription renewal failures. By enabling this feature, developers can enhance subscriber retention and revenue stability.

I keep getting a “Purchase Failed” message.

App Store Payment Not Completed When making in-app purchases (IAPs), the mediation is handled by either Google or Apple, depending on your device. Typically, all IAPs require a credit card for completion, with accepted payment methods determined by the respective app stores. For instance, subscriptions necessitate a credit card linked to your account due to their auto-renewal nature.

App Store Payment Not Completed

If you encounter difficulties completing a purchase despite having a credit card linked to your Apple/Google account, here are troubleshooting steps that often resolve the issue:

Common Troubleshooting Steps:

  1. Check Connectivity: Ensure you have an active internet connection via WiFi or mobile data. A simple web search can confirm connectivity status. If unsuccessful, connectivity issues might be the culprit.
  2. Restart the App: Force stop the app, then reopen it and attempt the purchase again.
  3. Verify Payment: Check if the payment was processed correctly by reviewing your purchase history within the app store.
  4. Restart Device: Sometimes, restarting your device can resolve in-app purchase issues.
  5. Check Date and Time: Ensure the date and time settings on your device are accurate, as discrepancies can interfere with transactions.

Platform-Specific Issues:

Apple (iOS):

  • Unpaid Balance: If you have unpaid bills in the App Store or iTunes Store, you’ll receive messages prompting you to rectify billing issues before making new purchases.
  • Change Payment Method: You can update your billing information in Settings to use a different payment method or resolve unpaid bills.

Google (Android):

  • Update Card Information: Ensure your card details are current in Google Payments, as expired cards or outdated billing addresses can cause payment failures.
  • Try a Different Payment Method: If a transaction is declined, consider changing your payment method during the purchase process.
  • Remove or Update Expired Cards: Remove or update any expired payment methods in your Google Account settings.
  • Verify Zip Code: Confirm that the zip code associated with your credit card matches your current address.
  • Clear Google Play Cache: Force stop Google Play, clear cache and data, then retry the purchase.
App Store Payment Not Completed

If issues persist, reaching out to Apple Support or Google Support for further assistance is recommended.

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